Hotel Emma

Nestled along the iconic San Antonio River Walk, Hotel Emma stands as a symbol of timeless elegance and unparalleled luxury in the heart of Texas. With its rich history, delectable cuisine, and prime location, this remarkable hotel has become a must-visit destination for travelers from around the world. In this article, we'll take you on a journey through the captivating story of Hotel Emma, from its inception to its exceptional culinary offerings, all while offering insights into its location and pricing.

The Birth of Hotel Emma

Before we delve into the culinary delights and prices, it's essential to understand the rich history behind Hotel Emma. Originally, Hotel Emma was not a hotel at all, but rather a historic brewery that has been brilliantly transformed into the luxurious destination it is today.

Constructed in the late 1800s, the building that now houses Hotel Emma served as the Pearl Brewery, which was integral to the cultural and economic fabric of San Antonio for nearly a century. In 2001, Pearl Brewery ceased production, leaving the sprawling space dormant for several years.

The visionaries behind the transformation of this brewery into a luxurious hotel were Steve and Christi Guenther, who recognized the potential of the space and its significance to the city. Hotel Emma was named in honor of Emma Koehler, the widow of Pearl Brewery's president, Otto Koehler, who managed the brewery during Prohibition, navigating it through tumultuous times. Her unwavering commitment to the brewery and the community makes her a fitting namesake for this esteemed establishment.

Opening Its Doors

Hotel Emma opened its doors to the public in November 2015 after an extensive, multi-year renovation. The effort put into preserving the historic charm of the building while introducing modern amenities is nothing short of remarkable. The hotel successfully marries the industrial heritage of the brewery with the sophistication and luxury that contemporary travelers expect.

Every corner of the hotel boasts a blend of contemporary design and historic elements. From the reclaimed materials used in the interior design to the vintage brewing equipment that adorns the common areas, Hotel Emma pays homage to its brewing roots. The lobby is particularly striking, with its towering arches, exposed brick walls, and dramatic chandeliers, making it a welcoming space for guests to gather and relax.

Culinary Delights

One of the standout features of Hotel Emma is its extraordinary culinary offerings. The hotel is home to several dining establishments that cater to a wide range of tastes and preferences. Let's explore the culinary wonders that await you at Hotel Emma.

Supper - Farm-to-Table Excellence:

Supper is the hotel's signature restaurant, showcasing farm-to-table excellence. The menu at Supper is inspired by South Texas cuisine and focuses on using locally-sourced ingredients. Whether you're looking for a hearty breakfast, a leisurely brunch, or a sophisticated dinner, Supper has you covered. From the quail and dumplings to the shrimp and grits, every dish is a celebration of the region's flavors.

Sternewirth - Craft Cocktails and Light Fare:

Sternewirth is Hotel Emma's bar and lounge, offering a sophisticated ambiance and an extensive selection of craft cocktails. With a bar menu that includes both classic and innovative drinks, it's the perfect place to unwind. The light fare menu complements the libations with options like charcuterie boards, ceviche, and gourmet burgers.

Larder - Culinary Provisions:

Larder is Hotel Emma's culinary market where you can purchase a variety of gourmet provisions, house-made baked goods, and freshly roasted coffee. It's the ideal spot to pick up picnic essentials for a day by the river or to grab a snack to enjoy in the hotel's charming courtyard.

Ocho - Riverside Dining:

Ocho, situated in a glass conservatory overlooking the San Antonio River, offers an inviting atmosphere with an enticing menu. The cuisine at Ocho is a fusion of Cuban and Texan flavors, and it's the perfect place for a riverside meal or a sunset cocktail.

Prices and Packages

Hotel Emma offers a range of pricing options to cater to different preferences and budgets. While the rates can vary depending on the time of year, room type, and availability, you can expect a stay at Hotel Emma to be on the higher end of the scale, reflective of its luxurious amenities, top-notch service, and prime location.

Room rates typically start at around $300 to $400 per night for a standard guest room. However, keep in mind that special packages and offers may be available, which can include perks like spa credits, dining credits, or romantic add-ons for special occasions.

It's advisable to check the hotel's official website or contact their reservations team for the most up-to-date pricing information and any ongoing promotions. Additionally, booking in advance or during the hotel's off-peak season may provide an opportunity to secure more favorable rates.

Location, Location, Location

One of the most enticing aspects of Hotel Emma is its enviable location. Situated in the Pearl District, the hotel is within walking distance of some of San Antonio's most famous attractions and offers direct access to the San Antonio River Walk. Here's a closer look at what the surrounding area has to offer:

Pearl District:

The Pearl District itself has been revitalized and transformed into a vibrant, pedestrian-friendly neighborhood filled with boutiques, galleries, and excellent dining options. It's also home to the bustling Pearl Farmers Market, which is a must-visit for those interested in sampling local produce and artisanal products. More.

San Antonio River Walk:

Hotel Emma is located right along the San Antonio River Walk, providing guests with the perfect starting point for exploring this iconic waterway. A leisurely stroll along the river offers stunning views, charming shops, and numerous dining options.

The Alamo:

The historic Alamo is just a short drive or walk away from the hotel, making it easy to visit this legendary Texas landmark. Learn about the state's history and experience the unique charm of this historic site.

San Antonio Museum of Art:

Culture enthusiasts will appreciate the proximity of the San Antonio Museum of Art, which is also within walking distance of Hotel Emma. The museum features an impressive collection of art, from ancient civilizations to contemporary works.

Historic Missions:

San Antonio is famous for its historic missions, and several of them are located nearby, including Mission San José, Mission San Juan, and Mission Concepción. These missions are part of the San Antonio Missions National Historical Park and offer a glimpse into the city's Spanish colonial history.


In the heart of San Antonio, Hotel Emma stands as a testament to history, luxury, and culinary excellence. From its humble beginnings as a brewery to its transformation into a world-class hotel, Hotel Emma invites guests to immerse themselves in the charm of the Pearl District and the rich cultural tapestry of San Antonio. With a commitment to farm-to-table cuisine and an array of dining options, Hotel Emma elevates the culinary experience to new heights. While its pricing may be on the higher side, the memories created during a stay at Hotel Emma are well worth the investment. For travelers seeking a unique blend of history, luxury, and culinary delight, Hotel Emma is the quintessential destination along the San Antonio River Walk. Learn more.