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Pocket Square ~ Bright Tie

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You can have a very conservative look accented with a bright solid colored tie. The tie will draw attention and a solid color makes a statement. You could say solid color ties are power ties.

Look for bright blue, red, orange or purple ties. White or neutral solid color shirt.

Approachability: Bright colors can also make the wearer appear more approachable and friendly. This can be important in client-facing roles or in situations where building rapport is important. A “pocket square” is a must-have for men’s jackets. It breaks up the color and adds a touch of elegance. Notice no "fig leaf hand positions". Practice in a mirror to find a comfortable hand position before the photo session. You may want to research "How to Tie Various Knots" to widen your the looks available for ties.

Solid Color Bright Ties!

Pocket Square!

Usually under 5 minutes in front of the camera!

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Conservative Portrait Look

A slight change in body or hand position can make a big difference in the photo. Take note of the different hand positions and body angles shown. 

Also compare this image to the one above. You can see how the bright tie makes his stand out. If the bright tie is too much for your personality, then a solid color or solid with small accent colors will work. 

Also the white cuff showing about 1/2" is perfect. The white pocket square completes his look!

Near white background.

4 different body angles!

3/4 length or crop to traditional headshot!

Photo b Jeffrey Truitt
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Men's Business Portrait
Composit Photo with digital background

Relaxed / Serious / Casual

A portrait with crossed arms and a serious look can convey several things, including confidence, strength, and assertiveness. The crossed arms pose can create a sense of solidity and determination, while the serious expression can convey a no-nonsense attitude and a sense of professionalism. 

This type of pose can be especially effective in industries that value strength and leadership, such as law or finance. Additionally, the serious expression can also convey a sense of focus and intelligence, as if the subject is deep in thought or contemplating an important decision.

On Location.

Various Facial Expressions

Serious and Casual Looks

Serious Business Photo
Serious Look Headshot
Business Photo

Just Have Fun!

Just have fun! You never know when you will need a fun look for promotions. Let your personality show!

Try to practice in front of a mirror. A relaxed and natural look is what you want, but is not always that easy to get. Five minutes of mirror time will make a massive difference in front of the camera. You will have more confidence and be able to expand your selection of really good shots. 

Photo by Rikonavt
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Mastering the Professional Look for Men: A Guide to Preparing for Your Business Portrait Shoot


In the world of business, a strong professional image is crucial, and your business portrait plays a significant role in shaping that image. Whether you're updating your LinkedIn profile, preparing for a corporate website revamp, or simply want to enhance your personal brand, a well-executed business portrait can make a lasting impression. In this guide, we'll explore how to prepare for a professional business portrait shoot specifically tailored for men.

Clothing Choices:

Selecting the right attire is the first step towards a successful business portrait. Opt for classic, timeless pieces that reflect your professional style. Solid colors work well, avoiding distracting patterns. A well-fitted suit or dress shirt can convey authority and competence. Ensure your clothing is clean, pressed, and tailored to your body shape.


A well-groomed appearance is essential for a polished business portrait. Schedule a haircut a week before the shoot to allow for any adjustments. Keep facial hair neatly trimmed, and consider a professional shave for a clean, sophisticated look. Pay attention to details like nails and eyebrows – subtle grooming can make a significant difference.

Accessorize Thoughtfully:

Accessories can add a touch of personality to your portrait, but moderation is key. A classic watch, cufflinks, or a tie can complement your look. However, avoid excessive accessories that may divert attention from your face. The goal is to enhance your professional image, not overshadow it.

Understanding Lighting:

Work with your photographer to understand the lighting setup. Well-lit portraits convey professionalism and highlight your features. Discuss your preferences with the photographer to achieve the desired effect.

Posing Techniques:

Practice a few basic posing techniques to appear confident and approachable. Stand up straight with shoulders back, and avoid crossing your arms. Experiment with facial expressions in the mirror to find a look that conveys professionalism while remaining authentic. Your photographer will guide you during the shoot, but being comfortable with basic poses can be beneficial.

Relaxation Techniques:

It's natural to feel a bit nervous before a photoshoot. Practice relaxation techniques such as deep breathing to ease tension. Remember, the goal is to capture your authentic self, so embrace the experience and trust your photographer's expertise.

Review and Feedback:

Take advantage of preview sessions offered by many photographers. Review the shots and provide feedback. This collaboration ensures that the final portraits align with your vision and professional goals.


A professional business portrait is a powerful tool in establishing your brand and making a positive first impression. By carefully considering clothing, grooming, accessories, lighting, and posing techniques, you can prepare for a portrait shoot that reflects your competence and confidence. Remember, the key is to stay true to yourself while presenting the best version of your professional identity.