Convention Photography San Antonio

Convention at Grand Hyatt


Henry Cisneros, former HUD Secretary & Mayor giving thank you speech.


Notice Brand / Logos in background. Sponsors LOVE this.

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Convention Services Available

  • Still Images / Same Day Delivery for Social Media
  • Head Shot Booths are Available
  • Award Dinner Photos
  • Award Presentations
  • Opening Remark
  • Meeting Photos
  • Trade Show Booth Images
  • Photos  based on your list
  • Video Interviews
  • Morning Activities. Runs etc.
  • Closing Remarks
  • Anything You Specify


Photography for Conventions in San Antonio

San Antonio is a Convention city. The most popular venues are the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center and the ajacent hotels such as The Grand Hyatt and Marriott.  Away from downtown you have the JW Marriott Resort and on the opposite end of town The Hyatt Hill Country Resort, which is next door to Sea World. The advantage to the downtown venues are location. San Antonio is a car town so public transit is to say it politely questionable. You really need a rental car or rely on Uber and Lyft. Downtown parking is costly so rideshare might be your best bet. On the other hand Uber from the Hyatt or JW Marriott could run $50.00 round trip. Since those offer free parking a rental would make sense.

 Why Jeffrey Truitt for Convention Photography?

The area of convention and event photography is very specialized. I have been working conventions since 2004 and have mastered the techniques required. I personally photograph most events and have another photographer on call in case I become ill or injured or for larger multi venue events where several presentations are happening at the same time.

Securing Your Photos

When it comes to commercial photography it is not only the quality of the images captured that matters. Sometimes it comes down to treating the "Art of Photography" as a business, which means having procedures in place to guarantee fast and on time delivery.

Most conventions last several days and hundreds, if not thousands of images can be taken. I download all image files on a daily basis and backup to a 2nd drive and off sight cloud backup location. At the same time the capture card media is placed in a separate secure location until the job is completed. The files downloaded to my computer are automatically backed up to the cloud every time a modification is made. This system provides 3 copies of everything photographed and saved in 3 different locations.

Upon completion of the event (sometimes daily) I preview all the images and fine tune as required. This usually involves slight exposure and white balance adjustments. While the original files usually look good,  these adjustments bring them up to the quality standard you see displayed on my site.  Attention to detail is another aspect that sets Jeffrey Truitt Photography apart.  The final step involves converting the image files into a JPG format, which you can use for social media, marketing and printing. All the files are saved as high resolution / print quality.

File Delivery

I usually  deliver all files within 72 hours of the close of a event, or as agreed upon in the contract. Smaller events will be much faster and larger may take an extra day or two. My preferred method of delivery is an online file transfer service called Filemail. Option two would be delivery using US Mail with files copied to a USB flash drive.  Delivery of a week long event can easily pass 30GB in size so DVD copies are not an option.

File Retention ( All job files including Convention Photography)

I keep at least two copies, one on a local backup drive and one in the cloud. If your copy is lost or damages I can replace it for a small fee.

Headshot Booths

For some conventions are the perfect place for executive management to all be at one venue. Many use this time to take Company Headshots or group photos. Others see it as a chance to offer a much needed service to association members. I have done from a few Board of Directors members to over 1000 attendees in need of Linkedin headshots.