Convention Photography San Antonio

Hotel Venues & The Convention Center

San Antonio stands as a premier destination for conventions! We offer comprehensive coverage for events held in or near the city. Here are glimpses of some past events we've documented. While we've captured numerous conventions, including those boasting over 40,000 attendees, confidentiality agreements prevent us from showcasing them. Rest assured, the images we provide for your convention will mirror the quality displayed in our portfolio.

Conference photography

Our convention photography category showcases larger multi-day functions, usually with visitors from around the country. They can have from a few thousand in attendance to 30,000 or more. The largest I have photographed required 10 photographers, instant upload of images by 2 assistants and overnight shots of hundreds of displays. We cover quite a few larger conventions, unfortunately many conventions of this size include Non Disclosure agreements so they can't be shown on my site. No matter the size of the convention, Jeffrey Truitt Photography, will always have back-up cameras and lighting equipment on hand if needed. We deliver files very quickly and can have a selection sent the same day. With over 20 years of experience there is no surprises we can't handle.

We adjust and color correct files before delivery. Finished copies of the convention photos are usually sent using an online transfer site. Other delivery methods may be used such as Flash Drive or SSD Drives.

Photography for this convention spanned 5 days and featured Jay Leno the closing night.

White Background Product Photography San Antonio

Corporate event photography

We photograph conventions at many San Antonio convention venues. This Abbott Laboratory Convention covered 3 days and I was contracted to photograph the opening night, after hours party and awards held at Hyatt Hill Country and other off site locations. If you look at all 3 of the pages linked below,  you would get a good feel for what each client receives for different segments of their events.

White Background Product Photography San Antonio

Seminar photography

This was a 3 day convention with the focus on classroom learning and presentations. It included opening remarks and an after party on the opening day. Each day started with opening remarks by a featured presenter in the main room. After the  opening presentation they broke into small classroom groups for individual learning. It also had meet and greet time between the classroom sessions. 

Convention Photography Marriott Rivercenter Hotel

Meeting photography

This section focuses on classroom activities from the AMCHP convention. This convention was held at the Marriott Rivercenter hotel which is next door to the Convention center and is a popular event venue. The hotel offers valet parking and the City of San Antonio has a parking garage next door which serves both the hotels and convention center. Additional parking can be found at the Rivercenter mall parking garage. Many larger conventions will occupy not only the Convention Center but also the Grand Hyatt, Hilton and Marriott Rivercenter. 

Convention Photography San Antonio

Business event photography

The convention photography category is for multi day events. This is the classroom and private after party section of AWCI which took place at The Hilton Hotel. Some of their Trade Show is further down the page.

White Background Product Photography San Antonio

Trade Show Photography San Antonio

The AWCI which took place at several venues. This section if focused on the Trade Show, awards and another after party. Many of the larger conventions have multiple events going on at the same time as well as award presentations and after parties. We can expand our coverage with additional photographers as required for complete event coverage.

Convention and Trade Show San Antonio

Convention photo services

This event was held at the H.B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio. It lasted 5 days with focus on the tradeshow and private classroom sessions. Each day started with a morning group session then moved into the tradeshow. I am showing only one day of this show. I estimate 3000 to 5000 attendees over the 5 days it was open.

San Antonio Tradeshow photography at HB Gonzalez convention center