Product Photography for Amazon & Websites

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Product Photography

San Antonio Product Photography

Today most business owners want product photos for Amazon and websites.  The requirements for Amazon will work on most any site and if saved in high resolution would work fine for print material.

Amazon wants a pure white background which sounds easy but is actually the most difficult part of the process. You might think you are seeing pure white but in reality it is a few shades off.  Amazon wants a RGB color of 255. Without the 255 color photos would most likely be rejected.

The simplest way to achieve this 255 color is using a light table. Unfortunately,  this presents another set of issues with many products. What I find as a universal solution is converting a near white background into a transparency. What this does is allow the product to be photographed without having to adjust for the background and the required pure white is added in post production. A second advantage is you can use any digital background, which gives you unlimited background options. This is how many billboards are created. The video seen on this page gives insight into this process.

I bring my mobile studio to your location and complete the product photo shoot. Next we can look at the image files and select the best set for post processing.

Price of product photography depends on the number of products and the type of product. Call 210-262-8665 or email for more information.