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High-quality product photography is mandatory if you want to sell on Amazon or any online marketplace. Jeffrey Truitt Photography can provide pure white backgrounds required by Amazon as well as "in use" shots. We can even make explainer style videos that push buyers to your Amazon store or show them how to use the product when there.  With over 20 years of online experience, we can help with almost anything you need.

Product Photo on White Background
Amazon Product photo of Snack Bag
Bag with white background for amazon sales page
Products in use
green glass ornament photographed for amazon
white background photography
glass ornament on white background
amazon photo on white background
White background image for Amazon Store
Product on white background
White on white background photo of product
Photo of product in use
White bakground product photography
bath balm image
Dropper Bottle Photo
bath product
Photo of soap product for Wix site
Soap product image for Big Commerce
product for
product photo ebay
product photo of chair for ebay
product photo of chair for ebay
green salon chair photo for Wix
shampoo chair photo for Big Commerce
wooCommerce Product Photography of Baby Clothes
WooCommerce Product Photo
Baby shirt photo for Wix
Blanket photo for WooCommerce

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To arrange a consultation or workshop, send us a message.

Product photography looks easy but most find that the images don't come out looking like the product. Amazon has strict guidelines if you want to sell on their site and one is to have the photo on a pure white background. While this sounds simple pure white is the most difficult color to achieve for backgrounds. If you add a white product or reflective product to the mix the difficulty lever is beyond the skill set of many photographers.

We have had clients tell us they paid for professional images and the photographer could never get the color correct. This meant several weeks wasted and a lot of stress. Most of the time we deliver product images in about 3 working days. After delivery, you simply submit to Amazon and you should be ready to start selling. Of course with Amazon that is easier said than done. If the files are not up to the requirement they will be rejected. We will provide files in the correct size, resolution, and format needed to work.

We can also do graphic work over the images if wanted. I suggest you learn to use a free online graphic editor called Canva to allow future changes whenever needed. This way you can make quick modifications for sales and special promotions using the existing image files we provide.

We have photographer a wide range of products, many are shown above but due to NDA agreements, we can't show everything. We have done musical instruments, glass doors, wood doors, cars, car parts, airplane parts, furniture, clothing, and a lot more.

The price for product photography depends on the product and the number of pieces. Remember the more we can photograph after being set up the lower the overall price per piece will be. Try to have your inventory in stock to avoid additional set up fees.  Feel free to send a cell phone photo of what you will be selling and links to what you want the images to look like. This way we can provide an exact price.

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