Product Photography for Online Stores!

If you are launching a new product on Amazon, Etsy or any online platform, photos are what you need to boost sales!
We guarantee our product photos meet or exceed posted guidelines allowing you to start selling faster. Most product photography jobs are delivered within 72 hours!
We are an independent photographer and not associated with Amazon, Etsy or any online marketplace.

White Background Photos

The product images we provide are taken with Amazon guidelines in mind. They can be used for any online shopping sites or for print. Our standard photo consists of a pure white background which is used as the main image. Additional images can be taken with other backgrounds or showing the product in use. We focus on white backgrounds because those are the most difficult to achieve and necessary to open most online stores.

Take a look at our samples. As you can see many are white items on white backgrounds and they still stand out. 

White Background Product Photography San Antonio

E-Commerce Photography

E-Commerce is very popular with the onset of easy to use sites such as Big Commerce, Etsy, Amazon and Shopify websites. Our photos will fir any platform and can be used for traditional print marketing in magazines, brochures and labels. 

We deliver "print quality" high resolution image files and also lower resolution for easy upload to online sites. It is important to have the high resolution files because resolution can always be reduced but never added. We recommend keeping a copy of the original high resolution files in a lockbox just in case the copies are damaged or degraded by improper handling. 

Product Photography San Antonio

Merchandise photography

We can photograph almost any kind of merchandise you would want to sell online. In this example we took photos of ornaments. The ornaments are a great example of highly reflective products and white on white colors. As you can see from looking at our sample gallery , reflections and white products are not a issue. 

Save time and money by getting a quote for our photography services. Normal delivery after the photo session is under 72 hours allowing you to start selling!

Product Photography San Antonio

Catalog photography

Catalogue photography is the art of capturing images of products to showcase them in catalogs or online platforms. It involves meticulous attention to detail to accurately represent the items in a visually appealing manner. Whether it's clothing, accessories, electronics, or any other merchandise, catalogue photography aims to highlight the features, textures, and colors of each product to entice potential customers. With careful lighting, composition, and editing, catalogue photography ensures that every item looks its best, helping businesses effectively market their products and enhance the shopping experience for customers.

Speaking of detail, you can read the fine print on both the front and back of the "Pup Hub" spray bottles. This is the detail needed in a quality image file!

White Background Product Photography San Antonio

Retail photography

Product images of clothing are challenging to photograph. These were taken flat but 3D using a mannequin can be done. The mannequin can be removed in post production if required. Maqny online platforms require you to submit photos of clothing on a flat surface, for the main image and allow 3D images to be used in other parts of the listing.

White Background Product Photography San Antonio

Product presentation

Another white background product shoot featuring unique writing instruments. As you can see you can photograph a white product on a white background and still have it stand out!

White Background Product Photography San Antonio

Product photo services

Another white product on a background product shoot featuring unique hand painted photo frames. This was photographed at the clients kitchen  table here in San Antonio. It's studio quality and we can do the same for you. Call 210-262-8665 for details and a firm price quote. 

White Background Product Photography San Antonio


A few common questions about Photo Requirements when selling online.

Why is photography important for product listings?

Photography is important for Amazon product listings because it helps to showcase the product in the best possible way to potential customers, increasing the chances of a sale.

What kind of camera should I use for product photography?

You can use any camera that can produce high-quality images. A DSLR or mirrorless camera is ideal, but a high-end smartphone camera can also work. Getting quality images are more about lighting than the camera being used. 

What is the best background for product photography?

A white background is the most common and recommended background for Amazon product photography. A white background is needed for the main image. 

How many photos should I include in my Amazon product listing?

You should include multiple photos from different angles, showing different features and details of the product.

Can I use stock photos for my Amazon product listing?

No, Amazon requires that all photos in a product listing be of the actual product being sold. 

How do I optimize my product photos for SEO?

You can optimize your product photos for SEO by using descriptive file names, adding alt tags, and including relevant keywords in your listing. You can also market your listing using blog post and Youtube videos. 

How do I take photos that show the scale of my product?

You can use props or include a measurement reference in the photos to show the scale of your product.

Should I hire a professional photographer for my  product photos?

Hiring a professional photographer can be a good investment if you are not comfortable taking high-quality photos yourself. Be sure to see samples of the finished product as I show on this site. I get a lot of calls from stressed out sellers, after other photographers spent weeks delivering images files that Amazon rejected.

How do I achieve a white background for my product photos?

You can achieve a white background by using a white backdrop with exposure adjusted for both the background and subject or a lightbox, again with the correct exposures, and adjusting your camera settings or editing the photos in post-production.

What lighting should I use for product photography?

You should use bright, even lighting that doesn't create harsh shadows. A lightbox or softbox can help achieve this.

How do I take photos that accurately represent the product's color?

You can use a color card to set the white balance in your camera settings to ensure accurate color representation. Correct exposure is also a major factor for getting correct color.

What resolution should my Amazon product photos be?

Amazon recommends a resolution of at least 1000 x 1000 pixels for product photos. For clarity this is @72PPI. It converts to 13.889 inches or 352.78mm.  Photo editors such as GIMP Photoshop and Affinity are excellent desktop options. Canva and others are available online. Canva may be the easiest to use for beginners. 

Can I use Photoshop to edit my Amazon product photos?

Yes, you can use Photoshop or other photo editing software to adjust the brightness, contrast, and other aspects of your product photos. 

Can I use lifestyle photos in my Amazon product listing?

Yes, lifestyle photos can be a great way to showcase your product in use or in context.

What should I include in my product photo's caption or description?

Your product photo's caption or description should be clear, concise, and provide any relevant information about the product.

Can I use 360-degree product photos on Amazon?

Yes, Amazon supports 360-degree product photos.

How do I take photos of products with complex shapes or textures?

You should use multiple lighting sources to highlight different angles and textures of the product.