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Today being seen is required for Branding! If you are the face of your small business you need to look the part and get noticed. As you can see color makes a major difference in the photo. Bright colors will get you a lot more attention when used for marketing. It is also a good idea to have a selection of smiles and serious to choose from so you have a photo ready no matter what the circumstances.

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On Location or In Studio - We can bring the studio to you!

A slight change in hair or make-up can change the feel of the photo. We can recommend excellent artist to assist you or your team with hair styling and make-up for both in studio and location sessions.

We can do simple headshots or an entire branding session showcasing both you and your business. 

Photo by Rikonavt
Photos for Branding
Professional Business Portraits and Headshots
Photo by Jeffrey Truitt Photography

Black & White Portraits

Black and white photos can create a classic and timeless look that is often associated with professionalism and sophistication. They can be particularly effective in industries that value tradition and history, such as law, finance, and academia. In some cases, using black and white photos can help create a consistent look and feel across a company’s branding materials. This can be particularly effective in creating a cohesive and memorable brand identity.

Unlimited Use Rights.

We can deliver JPG, PNG (transparent), PDF file formats.

Studio or on Location!

Color images can convert to B/W!
Overall, the use of black and white photos in a business setting can create a classic and timeless look, simplify the visual elements, evoke strong emotions, create a sense of nostalgia, and contribute to a consistent brand identity.

Photo by Jeffrey Truitt Photography - San Antonio
Photo by Jeffrey Truitt Photography San Antonio
Jeffrey Truitt Photography - San Antonio
Photo by San Antonio Photographer Jeffrey Truitt

Transparent Background

Business Portraits focused on use in marketing and Social Media!

This odd-looking checkered background is called a transparency. Using this we can drop in almost any background required. The samples provided show a layered background with logos added. The images shown were taken on a white background (like a green screen for video) and a composite digital background was added in post-production. 

To cater to any potential marketing requirements, it is advisable to have three distinct angles: facing right, facing front, and facing left. A Conservative look and a slight smile is a valuable addition to your portfolio when a big smile is not necessarily required.

Unlimited Use Rights!

File Formats: JPG, PNG, PDF

On Location or Studio

Transparency: This is how many billboards, magazine ads and social media post are made. The original background is replaced with a digital background. This option is always available and is a perfect companion when using Canva for design.

Photo by Rikonavt
Branding nd Marketing Headshots San Antonio
San Antonio Branding Photography by Jeffrey Truitt
Photo by Jeffrey Truitt

Traditional Business Portrait

Studio look, photographed on location.

A traditional crop for a business portrait is head and shoulders. Today a  Square crop is a must have shape for all social media, and is part of what we deliver to our clients. Using our high megapixel cameras we can crop close without reducing the image quality. 

We prefer to keep both shoulders in the frame allowing many more layout options for marketing. In this photo session, we tried to capture 3 angles and several different facial expressions. Shooting a slightly longer portrait allows many more layout options. This can be cropped close or include the hands as shown. 

Your choice of backgrounds.

Hair & Make-up available

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Photo by San Antonio Photographer Jeffrey Truitt
San Antonio Business Portrait
Jeffrey Truitt Photography
Photo by Headshot Photographer Jeffrey Truitt

Approachability - Branding

A classic look for business. Long sleeves draw attention to the face and not the arms. This is what you want to make a great impression in print or online. Bright colors can also make the wearer appear more approachable and friendly. This can be important in client-facing roles or in situations where building rapport is important.

A slight change in your hairstyle, body angle, arms, or head position will give a very different look. 

These were photographed on a white background, then the background was removed so a digital composite could be used for marketing. Yes, we can do design and layouts using the images we deliver.

White Background Photos.

Fast Delivery!

On Location Studio Setup!

Photo by Jeffrey Truitt
Branding Photography Session in  San Antonio

Serious & Professional

A serious look for a business portrait can convey professionalism, competence, and confidence. It shows that the subject is taking their job and responsibilities seriously and is focused on the task at hand. A serious expression can also signal to others that the subject is someone who can be trusted and relied upon. In a business setting, where first impressions are often crucial, a serious look can create a sense of gravitas and authority that can be important for establishing credibility and building relationships with clients and colleagues.

A big smile in a business portrait can convey approachability, warmth, and friendliness. It can create a positive and welcoming first impression, which can be important for building relationships with clients and colleagues. A big smile can also communicate a sense of confidence and ease, which can help put others at ease as well. In some industries, such as sales or customer service, a big smile can be especially important for establishing rapport and creating a positive customer experience. 

A simple look for a business portrait can convey professionalism, focus, and clarity. It allows the subject’s face and expression to be the focus of the photo, without distractions such as busy backgrounds or complicated clothing. A simple look can create a sense of sophistication and elegance, which can be especially effective in industries that value simplicity and minimalism, such as technology or design. Overall, a simple look in a business portrait can create a focused and professional image that conveys the subject’s competence and sophistication.

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Business Portraits for Women
Serious look business portrait
Headshots for Women business owners
Sofert but serious look womens portrait for branding

Portrait of a Hairstylist

When taking a business portrait for a hairstylist or someone in the beauty industry, it’s important to capture their unique style and personality in the photo.

The outfit worn should represent the business owner’s personal style and should be appropriate for the industry. Accessories such as jewelry or glasses can also add character to the portrait

Overall, the use of a really creative hair and makeup artist can set the mood for the photo shoot. In these, Andrea did her own hairstyles.

Women's Headshots
Business Portrait
Headshots for Women
Business Portraits for Women