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Commercial Photography

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Business Portraits in San Antonio
Business Portraits
Indoor or Outdoor Location

Professional Business portraits similar to the sample above don't take as much you will be in front of the camera as you might expect. On average, for no more than 5-8 minutes is required. If I am doing my job right you should have quite a few nice images to look at with 3-4 standing out as exceptional. Next, we narrow down the selection by picking the best for retouching. I prefer an enhanced but natural look. No plastic skin unless that is your preference. The whole process is usually under an hour. My goal is to provide same or next day delivery of your finished image files by drop box.

Convention Photography in San Antonio
Trade Shows ~ Conventions ~ Events
Available for San Antonio & Surrounding Venues

Convention photography as well as trade shows and events are another area of expertise. Unlike portraits, taken under controlled conditions, photography for large conventions requires vast knowledge of the technical side of photography. Many try to get around this by relying on AUTO modes in the camera. Unfortunately most of the time the results are far from professional and many times totally unusable. AUTO modes in most camera was designed to work in well lit conditions which you seldom find at conventions or trade shows.

Product Photography in San Antonio
Product Photography for Amazon
Or Any Online Store

Product photography covers just about anything you can imagine. I have photographed products ranging from clothing and handbags to internal engine parts. The end result is the same, clean sharp images that can be used for websites and print. Amazon image files require additional processing to achieve a pure white background. This is not an issue and easily done.