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Jeffrey Truitt Photography can be a valuable resource for your business. With years of experience, we're able to capture beautiful portraits and unique aspects that make your business stand out. We're also experts at taking images for conventions - whether it's for trade show displays or booth setups. So whether you need a portrait for your website or photos for a convention or Amazon products, we can help. Give us a call today and let us show you what we're capable of.

We Specialize in...

Gala and Event Photography, Large Convention Photo Coverage, Trade Shows Images and White Background Product Images.
Business portraits as well as Actor-Model Headshots.

Other Photography: Yes, Much of our work is not shown because we sign Non Disclosure agreements. Our biggest nationally known clients may contract us for convention, real estate or marketing images which we simply can't show. The collection below does show many aspects of what we do for each category.

Gala and Event Photography San Antonio

Gala & Events

Convention Photography San Antonio

Convention Photography

Trade Show Photography San Antonio

Trade Show Images

San Antonio -Business Portrait Photography

Business Portraits

San Antonio Actor and Model Photography

Actor / Model Headshots

White Background Product Photography for Amazon Stores

Product Photography


A series of FAQ about photography.

What is a business portrait?

A business portrait is a professional photograph of an individual, taken for use in business settings such as websites, LinkedIn, marketing materials, and more. The photograph can be used to promote a company or individual's image, and can be helpful in developing a connection with potential customers or clients. A well-done portrait can help build trust and credibility with potential customers or clients, which can lead to increased sales and greater success for the business.

What type of background is best for a business portrait?

A plain and neutral background is typically recommended for a professional business portrait, as it keeps the focus on the subject and avoids any distracting elements. My go to colors are white and medium gray. Of course, working Environment images would show the person in a work setting, so no background would be needed.

Can I see the pictures before I decide which one to use?

Yes, I will show you the photos taken during the session and help you choose the best one for your needs. Usually after the business portrait session, we select the best 1-3 for re-touching and other adjustments.

What is the best time of day for a business portrait session?

For indoor sessions time of day seldom matters. For outdoor sessions, usually early morning or late afternoon, when the natural light is soft and flattering. My preference is usually late afternoon to early evening.

Can I bring someone with me to the portrait session?

Yes, you can bring a friend, family member, or a professional coach to your business portrait session. Please note some locations require additional per person use fees.

Can I bring props to a business portrait session?

Yes, props such as books, or other objects that reflect your personality or work can be used in a business portrait.

What is convention photography?

Convention photography refers to taking photos at events such as conferences, meetings, or photography for trade shows.

What is a "white" background?

The color white has a lot of variations. Very light grey can be considered white as well as many off white variations. For pure white, which is required for may applications, including Amazon Product Photography, the white is measured using color grades. A color of RGB 255 is considered pure white. More details are below.

In photography, pure white (RGB 255,255,255) is a color that represents the brightest possible shade of white that can be captured in a digital image. It is commonly used as a reference point for setting the white balance of a photograph, which ensures that the colors in the image appear natural and accurate.

In a grayscale image, the value of each pixel represents the brightness level of that particular point in the image. The range of brightness values typically spans from 0 (black) to 255 (white) in an 8-bit grayscale image.

Therefore, "grey scale white 255" refers to the brightest possible shade of gray in an 8-bit grayscale image. It appears as pure white with no visible gray tint. Any shade of gray in the image with a value of 254 or below would be darker than this brightest shade of gray.

Can you fix product image files someone else photographed to pass Amazon Product Photography requirements?

Most likely yes, but the cost would be close to or more than doing the photo session from scratch. It's always best to start with quality than try to fix botched files.

How many photos do I need for Amazon product listing?

Amazon Photo requirements are usually only one image, but multiple photos are recommended for a more comprehensive product listing that can compete with others on the site. You would not attract clients with one photo. Photograph as many angles and details as you can.

How should I dress for a business portrait?

It's best to dress in professional attire that reflects your brand or industry. Avoid busy patterns unless this is part of your branding. When taking a business portrait you want all the attention focused on your eyes. This means reducing other distractions, such as bare shoulders or extra skin showing when wearing short sleaves. For a conserative business, a long sleeve shirt or jacket is best. A hint of color under the jacket from a blouse or shirt is fine or the color could come from a solid tie. Avoid solid white shirts unless under a jacket. The white will make you look wider which is never a good thing. "V" neck tops or jackets that form a "V" help to elongate the image. Wide circular necklines will do the opposite and make you appear wider.

Can I get digital copies of the pictures taken during the session?

Yes, many but not all photographers will provide digital copies of the pictures taken during the business portrait session, usually in a variety of resolutions and file formats. I always provide high resolution (print quality) image files, without watermarks. JPG are the most common as they can be used for many purposes. PDF files are higher quality and are preferred by many printers if doing marketing materials.

If I have a JPG image file can it be converted into a PDF?

Yes will still be a "lower quality" file because the JPG format removes unneeded file information to reduce size. This missing information is usually not anything the eye can see but when it is available, cleaner retouching and file corrections can be made.

Can I have more than one outfit change during the session?

Maybe...multiple outfit changes are usually allowed during a business portrait session, but this may affect the cost of the session. Having a 2nd or 3rd option is highly recommended even if only one is used for the photos.

What is trade show photography?

Trade show photography is the practice of taking photos at trade shows, exhibitions, or conventions. Usually to include the quality of booth present and the number of attendees. I decided to divide convention photography, Gala and trade shows for a more precise look at each category and easy navigation for the viewer.

What is product photography?

Product photography is a type of photography that focuses on capturing images of products for use in advertising, marketing, or product catalogs. Product photos for the Amazon marketplace are the most requested at this time.

How do I prepare for a product photography shoot?

8. To prepare for a product photography photoshoot, you should clean and stage the product, and plan out the desired shots with the photographer. I price per image file delivered. This means if you have 5 products and each requires 3 different angles you will be billed for 15 images. Due to set-up time and post processing, it is usually more cost efficient to photograph 5 pieces with 3 variations than 15 non related items.

Can I use my smartphone for Amazon product photography?

Yes, you can use a smartphone for Amazon product photography. Most phones are very high resolution, but it is often a lighting issue vs resolution problem that gets images rejected.