Photography with White Backgrounds

Product Photography With White Backgrounds

Amazon and other online marketplaces require true white backgrounds. If you are off in color, the images will usually be rejected. True white is not a easy color to achieve for many photographers, especially when your product contains white. Below are a few samples of "White on White" images and a more detailed description of the product photography process.


For most product photography sessions the client receives a adjusted JPG image for use on Amazon. This will be a lower resolution 72PPI for online use. The same image will be provided in a high resolution, PNG file, (300PPI) print quality with a transparent background. In addition to the JPG and PNG file a high resolution PDF is also available. Clients should place the PNG and PDF in storage and a backup system. These are the files you can modify and adjust for any use in the future without degrading of image quality. For price estimates the cost depends on several factors, with the number one being the volume of images required. For example if you have 15 pieces to sell and you want 3 images of each ( front/side/back) the estimate would be based on 45 images.

Product Photography for Soap Sold on Amazon
Soap - Photos for Amazon
Product Photos sold on Amazon
San Antonio - Products photographer for Amazon
San Antonio Product Photos
Box photographed for website