Business headshots

The Process for Business Portraits

Allow about 1 hour for a basic session. When I arrive at your location I get right to work. Usually, the lights and background take a few minutes to set-up, then it is time for the photo session to begin. This is your time to shine and with my help the result is a finished portrait that looks relaxed and natural no matter how apprehensive you might be. The good news is your time in front of the camera is short, usually only 3-6 minutes. Yes, you read that right, no need to torture you for 45 minutes to get an exceptional photo if you know what you are doing.

Step II

After I capture the images in camera the next step is to view on the computer and select the top 3-4 from the session. This selection process usually takes 20-30 minutes. Sometimes we find a few more that make the final round but our goal is to have 1-2 exceptional images that stand out above all others. Next, we pick the best of the best to be re-touched. I prefer to do my re-touching on a desktop computer at my office so I will pack up and let you get back to work.

The goal of re-touching is simple. Remove temporary imperfections like acne or shaving cuts and reducing everything else to look like it does when standing a normal distance from another person. We won’t turn you into a plastic mannequin unless that is what you really want. In addition to retouching the face, we adjust the clothing, background, hair and can brighten up the teeth just a touch when needed.

Final step

After the retouching and cropping is finished I upload to a dropbox server. For most jobs I deliver the following.

A square image which is perfect to keep as a master file. It will have both shoulders which expands it's use in future designs. Business cards, promotional pieces and website use.

A closely cropped square for use in social media. Facebook, LinkedIn etc.

A traditional 5x7 crop.

A traditional 8x10 crop.

Optional would be image with transparent background. Additional charges apply and 48 to 72 hour delivery.

My preferred apps for large file delivery are We Transfer and Filemail. My goal is to send the re-touched image files the same day or the next business day.

The Business Portrait Session

Think about how you will use the images. A basic session could be a single headshot for LinkedIn while a more in depth session could involve 2-4 clothing changes. If you look closely at the samples most have several variations of looks, ranging from serious to fun. The video explains this in more detail.

Clothing Choices for Professional Business Portraits

Clothing choice is a major factor. You may have noticed solid colors and longer sleeves and Power Ties for the guys. This was not by accident. Any "V" neck will elongate the neck and body where a round neck will pull you make you look wider. Arms are best hidden for Commercial Business Portraits so all attention is focuded on the eyes. A hint of color makes a positive statement for even the most conservative business person. You want to stand out in your photo, especially if you meet the public. That hint of color will set you apart and make you easier to remember.

Hair & Makeup

A common question is weather or not to hire a makeup artist. The answer is it depends. If you hire the wrong person they can ruin a photo shoot. Yes, I have seen this happen several times. If you hire only from my approved list then the answer is 100% yes! Makeup and hair for a commercial photo shoot is an art few have mastered. If you use one of my recommended artist I Guarantee you will be happy with your hair and makeup or I will re-shoot without charge. Let my recommended artist do what the feel looks best on you. The makeup might look heavier than what you are used to but the bright lights downplay makeup so the end result is amazing. Please Text 210-262-8665 or email for recommendations.

What to Wear?

This video provides a few examples of what to wear for a business portrait.