Jeffrey Truitt Photography

Jeffrey Truitt Photography

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Jeffrey Truitt Photography officially opened for business in 2004. Even though this was opening day it was not my first day doing commercial photography. I learned product photography because I could not find reliable photographers to hire. I owned a design and manufacturing business with emphasis on platinum engagement rings. Product photos were taken weekly as new designs were  placed into our printed catalog and later online.  This was a thriving business for many years but was forced to close several months after the tragedy of 911. As many know business in America changed overnight and I had to change with it. Using my 20 years experience as a independent jewelry designer I used the skills learned to start my photography business.

As I began the process to close the business in 2003 I expanded my knowledge of photography to cover the areas I work in today. Business portraits, Convention Photography and Trade Show Photos.

Equipment: I know the importance of having a backup. I have at least one set of backup equipment at every photo session I shoot.  I even keep a 3rd set in my car just in case my main or second camera has a malfunction. This backup plan extends into post processing also. While my main desktop computer is faster I maintain the same apps on my laptop just in case any issues arise and off site backup of image files saved to the cloud provide additional piece of mind.

All jobs unless restricted by a Non-disclosure agreement are backed-up to the cloud. This allows future copies to be downloaded in case of loss or damage.