The Cost of Professional Business Portraits in San Antonio

The Cost of Professional Business Portraits in San Antonio

How to Choose the Best Photographer for Your Company Needs

There are many photographers in San Antonio and it can be difficult to decide which one to work with. This article will outline what factors you should consider when choosing a photographer for your company’s needs focused on Business Portraits.

  1. Website examples.Hopefully, the images shown on the website are not generic stock photos and were taken by the photographer. Assuming they were make sure the look is the style you are looking for.
  2. Does the Photographer Specialize in Business Clients?It is best to have someone experienced with business photography. This can save a lot of time and guarantee you have the style and files required for not only social media but also future marketing needs.
  3. How Much Does it Cost?The prices can vary a great deal. Many times the more experienced photographer will charge a little more than a beginner. In San Antonio, the prices can range from $75.00 to close to $300.00 for a short business portrait session. Most find the middle range a good starting point.
  4. How Many Photos Will be Delivered?Good photographers charge by the “finished” image delivered and not by the number taken.  Focus on quality, not quantity. Anyone can snap off 100 shots, but the key is getting a few really outstanding to select from. It is much better to have one perfect photo than many average ones. With that in mind ask how this image will be delivered and what adjustments will be included.
  5. Use RightsCopyright for photos automatically goes to the photographer so it is a good idea to ask about the use of the images. A few will apply strict limits while others allow unlimited use forever. I suggest you only book someone offering unlimited use when doing only business portraits.

I reached out to Jeffrey Truitt Photography, a commercial photographer located in San Antonio, to pick up a few of the inside tips which I hope were helpful.

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