Photos of Amazon Products

Product Photography For Amazon

Photos of Amazon Products

Amazon is one of the greatest selling platforms a business owner could ask for. It is easy to set up an account and within a few days, you can be in business. The amazing part is the risk is small when you compare it to opening a traditional retail location. Traditional storefronts require long-term leases that can easily cost thousands every month even if no one visits your store location. In addition to rent, most places require you to carry insurance, pay utilities, and even maintenance and repairs on the property you are leasing.

Amazon requires a very small monthly fee and a percentage of the sale if any are made. They even take care of complicated shipping and returns which may require you to hire an additional employee if you were trying to do it in-house. The bottom line is the marketplace can be a great selling platform for the independent merchant.

Photos for Amazon Products

Of course, every business has rules you must follow. One such rule is for quality photography. They want higher-quality photos of the products you want to sell on a pure white background. While this sounds easy, pure white backgrounds are somewhat difficult to achieve without overexposing the subject. This is because light falls off quickly turning the white background slightly grey in the final photo.

There are several ways to allow perfect product exposure and achieve a pure white background at the same time. One is using a set of lights focused on the product and another set focused on the background. This allows perfect adjustment of each to get the desired result. Another way is to expose the product as wanted then “remove” the background in post-processing. This system requires a bit more post-processing but also provides a transparent file,  which means you can add any digital background you want in the future, you are not stuck with pure white. This can come in handy for website photos and marketing materials.

Jeffrey Truitt Photography has many years of experience shooting products for catalogs and online sales.  They work with a lot of online merchants and can provide excellent photos of almost any product. They are located at 110 E. Houston St, fl7 in San Antonio, Texas. Most jobs are processed and delivered by dropbox within 48 hours after the photo session. Take a look at for samples of their work.

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