Business Headshots San Antonio

If you’ve worked in a marketing or creative department, you know that a headshot is the single most important tool out there for job recruiters. It’s not enough to snap a selfie—it’s now absolutely essential that your photo project a professional and appealing image. While high-quality photography can be rather costly, professional photographs are vitally necessary.
That’s where we come in. Jeffrey Truitt Photography can provide quick and high-quality headshots for one person or an office. No matter where you live in San Antonio, Alamo Heights, La Cantera, The Pearl we can come to your office or home.


The advent of social media has drastically changed the way we communicate, particularly when it comes to business. This type of visual media, which now includes platforms like LinkedIn, has been proven to be 50% more memorable than text. (“Little do they know how I plot to take down my team with a mundane, yet highly strategic, game plan.”). But how do you stand out in this crowded space? With a professionally taken headshot, of course.


People want to do business with people, not corporations. You don’t need a portfolio full of stock photos to back up your claims, but professional headshots serve as the modern icebreaker and introduction. (“I first climbed the corporate ladder in 1972, but I joined AARP in 1985.”). But you’ll never get the high-quality images you need without a studio—and that takes time and money. (“Ain’t nobody got time for that.”) Upgrade your headshot game and book studio-quality headshots on-demand with better quality Headshots.


Believable headshots are essential to getting ahead in business and looking your best on social media. (“The more you look your best, the better you feel about yourself. The best way to look your best is to look like a badass.”) But who has time to shoot and process photos? You need a way to capture the headshots you need all from your smartphone.


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